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Enhancing the role, responsibility and status os sport coaches in 21st century Europe in coordination with Leeds Beckett University and ICCE.

Sport coaches make up one of the largest workforces in the EU (circa 9 million). The sport delivery system depends largely on their willingness and ability to deliver effective sport experiences. However, it is felt that the education and employment conditions under which coaches operate are not optimal. Moreover, due to the small number of coach representation agencies, such as coaches’ associations, and their low impact, coaches are not adequately and sufficiently partaking in the European Social Dialogue in the Sport Sector of which they are such an important pillar. As a result, good governance in sport organisations is missing a very important partner. Moreover, coaches’ capacity to influence and shape the labour market they populate is minimal and this has a major impact on their wellbeing, employability, mobility, and on issues of race and gender equality. Building coaches and coaches’ associations capacity and involvement as national and European social partners is thus a priority. 

Project CoachForce aims to rectify this situation by achieving two primary objectives:

  1. Strengthening coach representation at national and European level through the provision of guidance and support for existing and developing Coaches’ Associations in the EU
  2. Bringing the Voice of the Coach to the fore of the Social Dialogue in the sport sector.

It will do so by conducting the following actions:

  1. Developing a baseline picture of the current coaching landscape across the 28 Member States
  2. Mapping the current impact of Coaches’ Associations in the 28 Member States
  3. Developing guidance tools and resources for current and prospective Coaches’ Associations in relation to the convening, governance, relevance and impact of this type of organisations.
  4. Effectively engaging with coaches on the frontline, employers, national and international sporting organisations and national and international policy bodies

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C.S.I. -Coach Sport Integrity

A proactive tool for sport integrity & transparency

O Treinador contemporâneo tem novos desafios éticos quer no desporto de alta competição quer no desporto de formação. A manipulação de eventos desportivos, o doping desportivo e outras irregularidades prejudiciais semelhantes tocam todas as atividades de um Treinador moderno. A visão C.S.I. é abordar uma preocupação contínua da capacidade do Treinador de atuar sobre os valores sociais e éticos positivos do desporto moderno.


  • Coordenador: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Greece;
  • Sheffield Hallam University - England
  • National University of Physical Education and Sports – Romania
  • International Council of Coaching Excellence
  • Fair Play Code Hellas (KEA) - Greece
  • Professional Coaches of Finland - Finland
  • Hungarian Coaching Association - Hungry
  • Coaching Portugal - Portugal

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“ProCALL, Increasing the Professional Level of Coaches in Women’s Football” in coordination with National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest, Romania.

ProCALL is a project initiated by a consortium made of 5 countries from different bodies active in the field of sport that want to change the perception of women’s football in Europe.

The ProCALL project’s aim is to promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development of coaches interested in women’s football.

We want to share good practices with different countries in the field of women’s football. The specific objectives of our project are:

1. To develop the skills and competences of the members of the consortium and about 200 local coaches/sport teachers that will be trained in the methods of coaching in women’s football during the entire period of the project. On the long run, we hope to increase the number of UEFA-qualified female coaches in women’s football in the participant countries.

2. To provide an opportunity for the partner associations that wish to work together to share knowledge and gain first-hand experience of women’s football structures and activities from one another during the 4 transnational meetings.

3. To promote the benefits of practicing this sport by young girls – grassroots women’s football, in the 4 partner countries during the entire period of the project. (through local events)

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Sport as a vehicle for developing skills for the labor market and promoting employability and entrepreneurship

Piloting the approaches and guidelines in pilot areas in the Mediterranean Basin of: Skills development through sport as an effective way to include people (both youth and other ages) socially and economically in a long term perspective.










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